PR- possibly rotating-not confirmed / RO-VI- visible rotation or time lapse video but not confirmed /
ROT- confirmed rotation / ROT-L rotating or not confirmed but with lightning /
SL- Showers line or "noodle" / RS- Single cell or small one (winter type mostly) / OT- others
Date Location Description Type Radar Photo
20.12.1968 Sacramento (US) Hook echo on snow shower, official article, colorized ROT NO PHOTO
28.6.2006 Eastern CZ Typical base lowering, precip. free area
13.4.2010 Ricany Short lived shower with graupel RS
27.5.2010 Ricany Visible rotation and small funnel RO-VI
26.7.2010 Zlin Funnel cloud, typical structures, radar shape ROT
27.8.2010 Ricany Wall cloud, clear slot, fast moving, southern-inflow ROT
19.6.2011 Ricany Turbulent shapes and fast motion OT
8.8.20211 Ricany Large rotating cloud base, low LCL, extreme shear, funnel RO-VI
16.8.2011 Ricany LP type convective cell RO-VI
7.9.2011 Ricany Large shelf cloud-winter type SL
16.9.2011 Maghera (Ireland) RFD, clear slot, lowering ROT-VI NO RADAR
12.10.2011 Ricany Night large shelf cloud, temp drop out, cold wind SL
10.12.2011 Praha Large winter/Snow shelf cloud similar to lake effect snow structures RS
4.1.2012 Kolin-Praha Low dBz, CS supercell structure, snow RS NO PHOTO
22.4.2012 New Forrest (UK) Cold air convection, funnel cloud (wildskies.co.uk) RO-VI
4.6.2012 Ricany-Kolin Turbulent shapes, changes in direction-rightmoving ROT-L
10.6.2012 Polepy (NorthWestCZ) Funnel cloud, no info, typical radar shapes OT
13.7.2012 Ricany Rapidly rotating, formed large low haning wall cloud ROT
20.7.2012 esk L pa Rotating, wall cloud, (R.Bachtik) RO-VI
3.8.2012 Kolinsko LP type, splitting, rightmoving (D.Ryva) RS/RO-VI
23.11.2013 New York/Ontario Cold air supercell, graupel and hail / F1 tornado/snownado ROT-L NO PHOTO
28.2.2014 Austria/Hungary borders Possibly rotating, snow and graupel, wall cloud SL
27.5.2014 Unknown Typical structure, LP type, (no info) ROT-VI? NO RADAR
11.7.2014 Lucenec (SK) Very large wall cloud, no thunder, strong wind RO-VI
3.9.2014 Beroun Region (CZ) LP type, two downdrafts (Drahokoupilovi) ROT-L
15.10.2014 Pardubice LP type, striations, typical radar signature (T.Launa) RS
17.10.2014 Plzensko Inflow bands, wall cloud, embedded within small system (L.Opalecky) RS
31.3.2015 Ostr w Wielkopolski Graupel/Hail/Snow supercell/Niklas windstorm, extreme shear ROT-L/ROT
1.4.2015 West-Central CZ Fast moving, shower spike signature, high shear
2.4.2015 any Embedded within stratiform system, snow, the frist ever recorded SL
9.6.2015 any Rare large and fast moving night fog bank / roll cloud OT
9.7.2015 any Small typical shower line with autumn/winter type shelf cloud SL
14.7.2015 any Shower SQL with typical cold air shelf cloud SL
2.2.2016 any Night winter shower line (a noodle type), wind and snow, warmer wind before SL
24.2.2016 any Strong snow and graupel shower, similar radar shape as 4.1.2012 RS
24.8.2016 Drillham (Australia) Rotating low topped cell, turbulent, funnel cloud RO-VI NO RADAR
3.10.2016 any Rapidly rotating shower cell, with short lived funnel cloud RS
23.2.2017 any Night winter shower line (a noodle type) strong wind and moder. snow SL
24.7.2017 Horovice Confirmed rotating convective cell / bowed shape / within the large system ROT NO PHOTO
9.10.2017 Riedstadt LP supercell type, no lightning ROT
27.10.2017 Liberec Local shower, typical signatures, large hail ROT-LI
29.10.2017 Ricany Strong wind and graupel accumulation, snow SL
30.10.2017 Ricany Fast moving, radar signatures, weak RS
3.1.2018 Central CZ Winter SQL, thundersnow (David Ryva) SL
15.5.2018 Ricany Weak shower with typical shelf-wall structure PR/OT
26.6.2018 Ricany Small shower-thunderstorm (1 lightning bolt detected) low precip type PR/OT
11.11.2018 Cologne Airport Two downdrafts, structure, not verified OT
9.12.2018 Duisburg (Germany) High shear/SREH, night winter supercell ROT-LI NO PHOTO
18.12.2018 Port Orchard (WA) US F2 damage, low topped, cold air, splitting ROT
9.3.2019 Essen Region (Germany) Part of low topped SC-showers outbreak, ROT NO PHOTO
13.3.2019 Cologne region (Germany) Velocity couplet, part of low topped SC outbreak ROT NO PHOTO
13.3.2019 Roetgen (Germany) F1-F2 Tornado ROT
15.3.2019 CZ Night SQL, LEWP type SL NO PHOTO
4.5.2019 Vlasim CHMI webcam, typical "hidden" SQL, lower dBz SL
21.6.2019 Kladensko (CZ) LP type shower, time lapse (Drahokoupilovi) ROT-VIS
12.8.2019 Lincoln (IL) Typical strucutre, LP type, clear slot (Corey Bull) ROT
5.9.2019 Ricany turbulent cloud formation, cell moving in opposite dir. RS
3.2.2020 Ricany Large winter shelf cloud SL
10.2.2020 North.Bohemia Cyclone Sabine SQL, Windstorm, (R.Bachtik) SL
6.2.2020 Brazil Low Topped SC (No lightning) RO-VI NO RADAR
10.2.2020 Southeastern CZ/Moravia Long lived, fast moving, a winter supercell ROT NO PHOTO
19.2.2020 Uvalsko Winter shelf cloud/virga/snow (R.Duspara) RS
24.5.2020 Ceska Lipa Shelf cloud, fast moving, rain RS/OT
31.8.2020 Ricany Rotating shower cell with visible wall cloud RO-VI
25.9.2020 Ricany Rotating shower cell with visible wall cloud
/ frequent condensation
15.1.2021 Wooster (OH) US Rotating snow squall, small wall cloud
(Jonathan Glessner)
16.8.2021 Berumerfehn F2 tornado, High dbZ, no thunder! ROT
27.8.2021 Ricany Rapidly rotating, embedded within small line,
clear slot
16.9.2021 Ricany Cell No.1, LP type, striated RO-VI
16.9.2021 Ricany Cell No.2, Classic type, striated, fast moving RO-VI
21.10.2021 Central-South CZ Strange rotating cloud-Not visible on rad/only SAT RO-VI
17.05.2022 Hradecko Shower-F0 tornado+funnel cloud (Cel.1) RO-VI
17.05.2022 Hradecko Shower-F0 large funnel (Cel.1) RO-VI
21.05.2022 Ricany+Central EU Turbulent base-Long linear formations visible on SAT SL/OT
25.05.2022 Pardubicko-Kol n Rotating shower with visible striation/time lapse, confir. radial velo ROT
27.05.2022 Ricany Large shelf cloud / cold air, southern wind jet OST / "SL"
7.06.2022 Ricany Very strong rotation, wall cloud, funnel cloud/s ROT
27.08.2022 Ricany Strong visible rotation, wall cloud ROT
10.9.2022 Novojicinsko F0 tornado damage/Thunder/LowTop ROT NO PHOTO
15.9.2022 Zlin Showers/No thunder,wall cloud,Tornado F0 ROT/SL
16.9.2022 Ricany Strong motion/short lived PR/RO-VI
26.9.2022 Olomoucko Mini low topped supercell RO-VI
26.9.2022 Kunovice Rotation/wall cloud (A.Dadakova) RO-VI
27.9.2022 Ricany Turbulent, fast motion PR
28.9.2022 Melnicko D.Uhlir,lowerings,thunder RO-VI/ROT
28.9.2022 Opatovice nad Labem low topp.,visble wall cloud (J.Trojan) RO-VI
14.3.2023 Cesk Lipa Small shower, fast moving (Radek Bachtik) PR
31.3.2023 Letovice Mini supercell, F1 tornado (Jarmila Kitnerova) ROT
24.4.2023 Ho ice Visible wall cloud, no lightning (Jiri Syrucek) ROT
29.4.2023 Lubna Mini supercell, F0 tornado, no thunder during tor ROT NO PHOTO
6.6.2023 Pisek large funnel (Vaclav Tabor) ROT
6.6.2023 Vsetin large funnel (Zdenek Sklenarik) RO-VI
9.6.2023 Lubna Tornado / F1 damage/ (Honza Jares) ROT
13.7.2023 Ricany Narrow but stronger rotationk RO-VI
28.7.2023 Ricany Turbulent base / lowering PR
29.7.2023 Trutnov Wall cloud / condensation (Tom Gastronom) OT
30.7.2023 Kolinsko Lowering, tornado (Petr Lorenc) ROT
3.8.2023 Plzen Short lived, "H"P structure (D.Neumann) OT
6.8.2023 Zivotin Small convect. shower with LP structure (Milan Pet in ) PR
6.8.2023 Zverinek Large wall cloud and tornado F0/F1 (Jiri Sedl) ROT
7.8.2023 Hul n Small convect. shower, LP structure (Vladim r uhej) ROT
7.8.2023 Fry t k Shower + short lived tornado (Lud k Rekto k) ROT
14.10.2023 any Classic linear shower OST / SL
6.11.2023 Mannheim (Germany) No lightning, linear shower ROT / SL NO PHOTO
14.11.2023 Kalbe (Germany) No lightning, shower spike ROT NO PHOTO
16.11.2023 Hole ov Visible rotation, clear slot,no. light (Patrik T. Sek k) ROT
15.03.2024 Loas Angeles Visible narrow wall cloud (James Jay) ROT
16.03.2024 Mnichovo Hradiště Rotation detected (C) Meteopress ROT NO PHOTO